Hartford Castle – Edwardsville IL


Everywhere is Haunted journeys to the Hartford Castle just outside of Edwardsville, IL.

Perhaps the most famous former speakeasy in the Alton area was the famed “Hartford Castle”, located near Cahokia Creek and the small town of Hartford. Although long gone today, thanks to a fire in the early 1970’s, the stories of the place still linger, whispering of wealthy Frenchmen, tragic death, bootleggers – and ghosts.

Lakeview, as the Hartford Castle was officially known, was constructed by a French immigrant named Benjamin Biszant in 1897. The castle-like house with the red-capped turrets was incredibly expensive, although the source of Biszant’s wealth remains unknown. Most believe that he may have been an insurance executive, a contractor or an investor of some sort. Whatever his profession, he purchased a large section of land near Hartford and began construction on what was to be a “dream house” for his English bride.

Special thanks to Troy Taylor and Haunted Illinois for this location as well as the app Spooksy.



The premise of Everywhere is Haunted is that if what paranormal researchers tell us is true then everywhere people live, die and travel through should be leave energy and be possibly haunted. We take our camera, REM Pod, EMF meter and microphone out to random locations to find out if there is any paranormal activity.

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