Greenwood Cemetery – Devil’s Chair – Decatur IL

This time we journey to Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur IL and confront the Devil’s Chair.

Greenwood Cemetery, in Decatur, Illinois, was first used as sacred burial grounds by Native Americans, hundreds of years ago. Settlers to the area in the early 1800’s continued burying their dead here, and in 1857, the cemetery was incorporated as Greenwood Cemetery.

Devil’s Chair

Devil’s Chair? The legend of the Devil’s Chair, or haunted chair, as it is some times known, has been handed down through folklore. The chair is actually a mourning chair. It was placed by a grave, so that family and friends would have a place to sit when they visited the deceased. Mourning chairs are considered to be funerary sculpture. According to various superstitions, when someone sits on the chair, they will incur bad luck, or die within a year. Other legends promise good luck, or riches.

Greenwood’s Devil’s Chair Seat of the Chair According to the legend of the Devil’s Chair in Greenwood Cemetery, if you sit on the chair at a certain time, you can make a pact with the Devil. You will get anything you want for seven years. At the end of the seven years, the devil comes to claim your soul. Many cemeteries have removed their mourning chairs because of vandalism. Greenwood’s chair remains…

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